Cloud Cash update 10/22/15

“There is no money in The Cloud”, “The Cloud is just the Internet re-branded”, “No one will ever use The Cloud because of security”.  We’ve heard it all, and then some ad nauseum.


Ahhh, such sweet vindication. was born many years ago when the debate of ‘The Cloud’ as a viable business model was real.  There were a lot of questions at the time.  There were many doubters and naysayers.  In fact the constant bashing of ‘The Cloud’ as just ‘the internet be-branded’ was what began the revolution., 10/22/15, would like to declare that ‘The Cloud’ has officially crossed-the-chasm.


Would you agree or do we still need to debate whether ‘The Cloud’ is a viable business model?  Below is a story that summarizes the Cloud success, or failure, of several technology giants.  We choose two bullet points that were of interest to us for your quick reference:
cloud cash

The Cloud Is Raining Cash on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft

  •, Google, and Microsoft all topped profit estimates last quarter, highlighting the widening gulf between companies that deliver computing via server-laden warehouses and a generation of latecomers to the cloud boom. Together, the three companies added more than $90 billion in market cap in after-hours trading following their earnings reports on Thursday.
  • “You are seeing the cloud shift everyone was talking about, and Microsoft and Amazon are benefiting from it,” said Sid Parakh, a portfolio manager at Becker Capital Management, which has about $3 billion under management. “Oracle, IBM, even VMware are reporting very weak numbers and really no momentum in cloud.”

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