Process is most important

I’ll never forget a simple, yet powerful, comment I heard many years ago that really struck a nerve with me.

I was attending a small local trade show event in Denver.  I was talking about document scanning and storing images at our companies booth to attendees that would stop by for a chat.  One of our technology partners was in the booth next to me and heard my elevator pitch several times.  What I didn’t know, or realize, at the time was that my message was ineffective and boring.  Let me explain.

See….scanning an image and storing it has some, but limited value unless the purpose is just to archive the images for occasional retrieval at a later date.  What this technology partner did was something subtle and amazing (to me at least).  He took my elevator pitch and slightly modified it and, viola!, instantly the simple process I had been describing to the attendees of this trade show became something of genuine interest to them.  What this technology person said was this:

“Instead of scanning to a destination, you can scan to a process.”

Simple, but a powerful statement and instantly scanning documents now took on a whole new meaning and was a sincere business value proposition.

So, on a related note I just read an article in Forbes that was entitled “Forecasting Public Cloud Adoption in the Enterprise”.  In this article the author cited a recent forecast from Gartner on the market size for “Cloud Business Process Services/Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)”.  The most interesting forecast statistic to me personally was the following:

Cloud Business Process Services/Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

  • Gartner is predicting that BPaaS will grow from $84.1B in 2012 to $144.7B in 2016, generating a global compound annual growth rate of 15%.

$84.1B is 2012 and $144.7B in 2016 surely validates that Business Process is most important and simple storage is basic and lame!  You can read the entire article at the link below:

Thanks Chris for the terrific insight!

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