Amazon’s Web Services success and old tech

Below is a good article on the current state-of-affairs regarding ‘The Cloud’ and how Amazon’s success with their Web Services (AWS) business is getting the ‘old school’ technology providers attention.  We have summarized some of the highlights below:

  • Since Amazon (AMZN) started disclosing the results of its cloud service business back in April, the stock is up 68%, representing a $124 billion increase in stock market value
  • …the industrial giant [GE] could slash the cost of running an important oil and gas application over 90% by shifting to the cloud
    • Application updates that once took 20 days can now be implemented in two minutes
  • [Coca-Cola’s CTO] said “Our data centers have always had lots of servers, lots of cost, using a lot of energy, and this is not going to get us to the future,”
  • Amazon’s web services unit has already reported revenue of $5.4 billion for the first three quarters of the year, an increase of 70% over the same period a year ago.
    • Sales should exceed $10 billion next year and $16 billion in 2017
  • Cloud Winners, so far as of 2015, according to this article are AMZN, GOOGL and MSFT:


  • And the not-so-winners, so far as of 2015, according to this article are IBM, HPQ and EMC:


Of course times are rapidly changing fast in ‘The Cloud’ marketplace and today’s winners certainly might be tomorrow’s losers but one thing is for certain and that is talk is cheap and actions are more important than ever in this Fad called “The Cloud”.

Amazon’s cloud success stokes fears of old tech failures